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Are you passionate about Sports and have a deep understanding of them? Always wanted to become a writer or have sports journalism aspirations? We have a platform that gives you the opportunity to reach millions of readers across the globe.

GreenSports, the new-age Sports platform with an ever-growing readership is constantly looking for Content writers, Guest Authors, and Freelance writers, experienced and freshers who can enrich the audience with high-quality, well-researched pieces of content across various categories.

What We Publish?

GreenSports publishes Sports News articles, Trending stories, Match Schedule, Squads, Players List, Where to Watch Details, Players Net Worth, Match predication, Biography, Top list, Winners list, and a lot more.

What Is Content Writing Guidelines?

A. News and Trending storiesThe content should be minimum of 350 words.

(i) If it is a news piece try to not stretch it beyond 500, in case there is a lot of content cut down the less important parts and just describe it in your own language.

(ii) Your content should dominate the article and not quotes, It is important to extend the description beyond the initial paras and maintain uniformity until the end.

(iii) The introductory para should be used as a lead, put out some part of the information, and talk about that in detail. It is important to ensure a reader reads through the entire article. At the same time also take care that it is not too problematic, would kill the interest otherwise.

B. Net Worth: The content should be minimum of 500 words.

Your content should be Researched and talk about that in detail in your won language. Net Worth Should be Researched by official or Genuine reputed website sources.

CBiographyThe content should be minimum of 2000 words.

Your content should be Researched and talk about that in detail in your won language. Biography Should be Researched by official or Genuine reputable website sources.

D. Do not repeat lines or parts from a previous article on the same subject, you can convey the same information but use a new pattern to describe. Doing that with the content is distasteful.

E. Use subheadings in all the articles.

F. Revisit and copy edit the article before submitting it for review.

G. While writing long posts try to define an outline before you start, take it steps wise to the main subject, and then paint the picture. Think of it from a storyteller’s perspective, you have to create that interest amongst the readers, eagerness to know what is there in it now, and then a sense of satisfaction at the end.

(i) Back your claims with stats and facts to pack a punch and to deliver it with authority.

How To Apply?

To become an Author for SportsUnfold.com write an email to us at [email protected] on an original topic that is the best example of your writing abilities and conveys your understanding of the Sports.