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Second Pakistan & Sri Lanka ODI match postponed till September 30

The Pakistan Cricket Board postpone the 2nd ODI match till 30 September due to wet outfield. The second ODI match are schedule to 29 September at Sunday. The first match of ODI series also match abandoned without a ball bowled (No toss) due to rain.

Pakistan cricket fans are very sad when the PCB release the press of reschedule the 2nd odi match due to bad weather. After both cricket mutual discussion both cricket board take the decision to play the game on 1 day latter. Srilanka board also advice to clean the ground as soon as possible. Let read what say PCB in press regarding the 2nd ODI match between pakistana vs srilanka, karachi.

“The decision has been made mutually by the two boards to allow the ground staff to prepare the National Stadium outfield for next week’s play,” the board stated in a press release. “This week’s heavy rains, including on Friday afternoon, have left the outfield soggy with the groundsmen requiring at least two complete days to make the ground fit for cricket.”

Karachi National Stadium Weather Updates

The stadium ground mans try to drain the water  and ground is ready to play a game tomorrow. But if rain comes tomorrow then there are certain chances to wash out the 2nd odi match as well. According to weather forecast, tomorrow weather will remain cloudy but after 12:00 PM the sun will shine.

The water now completely drained from front of dressing room. According to report the sun was shining all day last day, which helped to dry up the field and it is likely that the second ODI will start on Monday at a fixed time. There is no chance of rain in Karachi for the next two days but weather remain some cloudy.So the remaining two games against Sri Lanka on monday and wednesday will play according to schedule & no threat from the weather.

It should be noted that this was the first time in Karachi’s National Stadium when a match canceled due to rain. The rainfall in Karachi is very low that why national stadium lack proper drainage system. But now water drainage system working. PCB officials have certainly learned a lesson for the future.

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