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Pakistani Opener Abid Ali wants to hug former Indian cricketer Sachin Tandulkar

Pakistan’s new opener  Abid Ali believe that despite all the tensions with India, he will succeed to meet with indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar before World Cup & learn from them.

A 25 year old Pakistani batsman has performed well in the local cricket competitions, when he was given the honor to represent Pakistan in a one-day match against Australia, he scored first century in the first match. He prove his selection correct.


Abid’s tall is almost equal to Tandulkar and he batted in the same style but it will take time to reach close to Tandulkar’s records. Tandulkar stepped in the world of cricket at the age of 16 and 15921 in the ticket cricket in the long run, highest 18426, one of the highest test counts 51, and most of the fastest one in 49, Have a unique record of making stories.

Abid said to the media that his desire and pray that he meets Sachin Tandulkar. He further added that he is confident that if he wants to ask Sachin about the batting, he will definitely tell them. Abid said that the day will be a memorable day when his meeting comes true.

According to Abid, meeting of Sachin will be the best day for his life as Sachin is counted in better cricketers in history. Abid said that Viv Richardss also the best batsman in the history.  Due to the tension between Pakistan and India, some circles in India have also been asked to play India’s match between India and Pakistan during the World Cup in Manchester.

Indian cricket team few years ago during the T-T20 matches, Pakistan’s fastest batsman Muhammad Amir presented his performance in the performance. Abid said he was trying to adopt Sachin’s style of style in his early days.

He said that since the first day, he has been trying to adopt Sachin. ‘He is a great player, like Pakistani players integration and Mohammad Yousuf. He said he tried to adapt the good things of the batsmen. ‘If I met Sachin, I would try to get them advice, technically and mentally so that I could improve my betting. Abid said he would try his best to become the best batsmen.

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