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Pakistan Skipper Sarfraz Ahamd Fun in Press Conference before Srilanka Series

Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team, is known for his instant response & fun in Press conference. Despite the pressure of captaincy and performance, sarfraz use funny replies to reduce pressure in press conference. During the press conferences journalists ask about team preparation and performance then sarfraz dived the topics and reduces the seriousness of the environment.

A day before the first ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s press conference was about to answer a question that suddenly raised laughs.

ایک صحافی نے سوال کیا کہ بارش کی وجہ سے پچ اور گیلی آؤٹ فیلڈ کے بارے میں آپ کا کیا خیال ہے؟

سرفراز احمد کا جواب کچھ یوں تھا ’پچ تو ہم نے ابھی دیکھی نہیں ہے کہ یہ کیسی بنی ہے اور جہان تک رہی بات آؤٹ فیلڈ کی تو جب بارش ہوتی ہے تو پانی آتا ہے۔‘

آخری جملہ سرفراز احمد نے ٹھہر ٹھہر کر ادا کیا اور ہنس دیے جس کے بعد پریس کانفرنس میں زبردست قہقہہ بلند ہوا۔

سرفراز / بلاول

Jab barish hoti hai to pani aata hai: captain Sarfraz Ahmed

Posted by Chashmy Wala on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Remember sarfraz copy the style of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had said” when the rain comes, water comes and when there is more rain, more water comes. Now sarfraz funny talk is viral on social media and people are giving various comments about sarfraz.

The future of Sarfraz Captaincy

Sarfraz Ahmed in press conference said, “He is not worry about that he is only caption of only two format ODI’s and T20, His job is simply give the 100% performance in the field. Pakistan Cricket Board will decide the captain of the Test team”.

Sarfraz Ahmed also said that Umar Akmal has not part of team yet but Rizwan is part of this series and his role in the team is different from myself. He has been selected as a middle-order batsman not a wicketkeeper batsman, so i have has no problem.

When asked about the statement of Indian commentator Sanjay Manjrekar, in which he give surprise expression about  pakistan becoming the world number one in the T20 team ranking. Sarfraz said, Sanjay Manjrekar should not need to worried about pakistan. He advised to Sanjay Manjrekar to look at the previous stats of the Pakistani team & victories.